Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Peacock Bass Explosion

A 6-Foot #4 Weight Midge Rod I Refurnish Myself.

Trying out my self-reconditioned bamboo midge rod for the second time.The first time, I blanked terribly.
Today, the action was non stop. More than 20 peacock basses fell for the trick. I was concentrating on a momma peacock bass and lost count of how many I caught. The smaller peacock basses were quicker in grabbing the fly than the big fat momma. Everytime she move in for the fly, some smaller peacock basses got to it first. I was trying to release the smaller ones as quickly as I can to try to get the momma.

My thumb was sore and there were a few bleeding teeth marks.
Really painful when I washed my hands, but it's worth it.

The first one this morning.
The early fish caught the fly.

Another beautiful specimen.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Seven Trees

Ultralight Jas Gordon - Trying out a #2 weight line today.

I got this rod cheap from eBay. Not really wanted it badly. Sort of bidded on it just to see if I can get it at a bargain price. There it is, got it for a real bargain. A fantastic rod for playing with the smaller fishes.

Introducing the Jas Gordon Ultralight Blond Bamboo. A Zebra Tilapia help to honour its opening ceremony with a surprisingly good fight. I could cast a dry fly on #0 weight with this bamboo. But casting a weighted crazy charlie is a different thing, even with a #2 weight line I was struggling. Q recommended a #3 weight line as more suitable. Totally agree with him. Thanks Q.

A nice zebra tilapia on The Jas Gordon Cave Bamboo.

A pair of zebra tilapias guarding their brood of fries.