Sunday, July 29, 2007

Visitor At The River

Visitor at The River
We have a visitor from the United Kingdom today at the River. The valve technician was very co-operative and did not over slept today. The valves were probably fully opened because the River was flowing at full force. Luck must be changing for me because Uncle Wong said I caught the first fish today. He blanked with Ady which is sort of unusual.

Steven, is a fellow architect, was CY’s friend. After I had taken the pictures of the peacock bass I had caught, Steven was next. The bamboo rod was bending double. Alamak – false alarm – his fly got caught in some dedris. But after a minute or two, he too managed to catch a peacock bass. A happy smile on his face while I shoot a photo for my blog.

Again, it was to Ah Hoe’s. He was closed today. But the coffee from his competitor was just as fragrant. Q, Ivan, Jimmy and Eddie joined us too for our usual Sunday morning breakfast. Then it was off to Uncle Wong’s house to have a look at the handle and reel seat which Uncle Wong had fixed for me LeoRod. PH’s rod too was almost ready. I have only one word to describe them – beautiful.

Steve with his Peacock Bass.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Q invited me to join him at Sarimbun for a fly fishing session on Friday. I hadn’t been there for a while and the news is that the peacock basses are getting bigger and fighting harder. I could resist the invitation since I had blanked at the NZ River a fortnight ago and is desperate to catch a fish. This is the place I once hit over 70 fishes in less than an hour. Of course they were all smallish fishes, but big or small, they were fishes too.

As usual, I met up with Uncle Chui at the Sungei Kadut Kopi Tiam and had Kway-Chap and coffee before we proceeded to the fishing spot. Jimmy broke his tippet and lost a big fish. We heard the splashes but didn’t see the fish. CY’s first catch was a fingerling. Then a slightly bigger one. I managed to catch one for the photo shoot. Uncle Wong was prodding me not to take to long to compose the shots and release the peacock bass quickly in case it died while it was being shot.

Kopi-O and Wanton Mee at the Kopi Tiam after that.

A small Peacock Bass is all I could managed to catch.

Thai netters. This guy look so scared that I took out my camera. I managed to calm him down and showed him the fly which I had used to catch the peacock basses. He relaxed after that and even asked me to take photo of his friends. I was thinking of asking him permission. Look at him he was still scared when I took his photo.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not against these Thai netters. They are a long way from home and this probably is their only hobby. Or they could be catchting their lunch or dinner. Saving their hard earned money for their family and their children's education back home. I only despised those who catch-kill-and throw away the fishes. Of course these netters also harvest most of the bigger fishes. But these Thais didn't waste their catch.