Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Nyukoning the Para-Miyuki

Nyukoning my Para-Miyuki and Leshrod
”Nyukon”, is a Japanese term for putting the “Soul into a Rod”. Nyukoning is the present participle of the word “nyukon” which I pluck out from the air as a Singlish speaking Singaporean. The term was introduced to me by the maker of my Para-Miyuki rod, Yukihito Okawa san. Uncle Wong and CY were both a party to the nyukoning. The rod is just amazing. It is very beautiful and fished even better than it look. It cast the fly line like butter.
I’ll let the pictures do the talking.
The Lesh Rod is by Don Lesh. The wraps are transparent and the grip and the reel seat is made of only bamboo parts. Cast a fly line like butter too. Shoots a Hardy double taper line 60 feet. It is a bit tippy, but was bending all the way when I caught the bigger Peacock Bass.

The Lesh Rod by Don Lesh. All bamboo parts.

The Para-Miyuki by Yukihito Okawa san.

The Para-Miyuki was Nyukoned by this Peacock Bass.

The Lesh Rod was Nyukon by this Peacock Bass.

But it was this Peacock Bass which made the fly line hummed like a Er Hu string and my hand vibrated with it.
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