Thursday, June 30, 2005

The President's Pond

Unmarked Bamboo 6-foot Midge Rod
Uncle Wong tested my new unmarked bamboo. The seller told me to put on a #4 weight line. I agree with Uncle Wong that a #5 or 6 weight is more like it.

The rod has a glass finish and I had a lot of fun with it even though I blanked. Well next time maybe.

Opening ceremony for the blond 6-footer.

Look who is chionging now.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lure Haven Fishing Competition at Lower Peirce Reservoir

Only 2 person caught fishes. Even 3rd prize wasn't won.
All prizes put in lucky draw.

Trevor in blue T-Shirt just behind Yong Yun.

Lure Haven Fishing Competition

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

AJ Thramer Hollow Built

AJ Thramer Hollow Built Bamboo
After the repairs to the agate stripping guide, I couldn't wait to try this fantastic rod out. But a close friend insisted I let the spar varnish dry thoroughly before using it. My luck as usual belong to the blankers. No..... I think I'm just a lousier fly fishermen. My flies doesn't look like food. And I casted like I was playing tennis. Uncle Wong took over to try out the action of the rod. Then Whammmmmm. A peacock bass connected with the fly. My fly. Well, an opening ceremony for the AJ Thramer Hollow Built. I sheepishly took over the rod to pose for a photo while Uncle Wong took over the camera. "Smile Billy." as he shoot away the with the Canon Ixus 500.

Thick skin me posing with the bending AJ Thramer. Opening ceremony picture.

Peacock with my AJ Thramer Hollow Built Bamboo #4 Wt.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

A River Runs Through It

McDowell #3-4 Weight Ultralight Bamboo
Got this rod off Tengku. Custom built with my name on it. A small beautiful rod. Cast well too.

Went to our usual secret spot with the usual gang of chiongers. Had a lot of fun. TY was testing his AJ Thramer to make sure it will stand the abuse in Alaska by the salmons.

Peacock bass bending the Bamboo rod. A #3-4 McDowell.

Peacock with my bamboo.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Jimmie Chiong Ranger In Singapore

Chionger From the United Kingdom
Jimmie "FCUK" of many Singapore Fishing Forums, chiong the rangers at Pandan Reservoir. He had a fruitful outing. We all caught some louhans and peacock basses. FCUK was really enjoying himself thoroughly here. Edward caught a good size peacock bass. But the Grand Champion is Ady. He caught a kok headed peacock bass weighing 4.5 pounds on the Boga grip. We took turns to pose for a picture with the magnificient fish.
As usual, I was the kaypoh one who like to help my buddies land their catch. I made a very big mistake when handling the leader. The Peacock Bass made a last attempt for freedom. It was a weak attempt, but it managed to break the leader. Luckily the fish was tired out, so I managed to palm it towards the rocks and attach the Boga Grip on it's lower lip.We all had a good time taking pictures with it. I was the most thick skinned fellow lah. Haven't caught any big fish for a very long time.

Ady caught this 4.5 pound Peacock Bass. A handsome male specimen with its organ in full display.

Jimmie pose with the big Peacock Bass

That's me. The most thick skin of them all.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Bedok Reservoir