Thursday, November 24, 2005

Beautiful Sunset at Lower Peirce

Beautiful Sunset at Lower Peirce
Went to Lower Peirce Reservoir to gate crash the Peacock Bass Party. But there wasn’t any. Met An Ren at Lower Peirce and we fished together. All the peacock basses caught were fingerlings. None of the decent size peacock bass even chased the fly.

The sunset today was really beautiful. So I took a rest from fishing and sat there and just admired the sunset, and took some pictures of the beautiful sky.

The Jetty.

Caught this tiny peacock bass with the McDowell
Wee peacock bass
An Ren trawling the board walk
Golden rays under the arcs of the jetty
Fly fisherman
Roller blading kids
A fly fisherman and the sunset
An Ren can't resisit taking a shot of the sunset
Beautiful sunset
Golden rays radiate from the setting sun
Sun setting behind the hills
How is this scenery
Beautiful golden clouds
View of sunset from the the jetty
The Lower Peirce Jetty

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Midge Rod With #3 SA Stlllwater Sinking Fly Line

Action at Lower Peirce Dam

I could not land 5 good size Peacock Basses yesterday because they all spitted the fly before I could get my camera out. I was also carrying an umbrella while doing roll casts at the dam. I don’t know how they do it. Once I relax the pressure on the fly rod, they spitted the fly and got away. Even before I could get the camera out. It was drizzling continuously yesterday.

Today, I was prepared for it and didn’t let up on the tension of the fly line. But 3 still managed to get away while I was getting my camera out.

So much for de-barbed hooks. But they are an important part of Catch & Release Sport Fishing in our reservoirs. The fish injury is minimised and Sport Fishing can be sustained on a longer term. The trade off for using de-barbed hooks is more fish hitting the fly. I'll take this exchange gladly.

Before I left the place, there was a Peacock Bass Party going. The Peacock Basses were playing on the surface and there were a great number of them. To late already and the sun had already set. Maybe tomorrow the Party will continue.

Shah trying out the action of the rod. The peacock bass got away when he passed the fly rod back to me..


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lower Peirce

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Weed Clearing Water Tractors

Weed Clearing at Lower Seletar Reservoir

Weed clearing water tractors were clearing the weeds at Yishun and the water was really muddy. Did a few cast with the new #3 weight Scientific Angler Stillwater sinking fly line. Nothing. Blank. Tan was there and was also discouraged by the brown muddy water. So we decided to move to Lower Peirce to try our luck.

Lower Peirce fishing ground was flooded by water from the afternoon downpour. Children and adults alike were enjoying the extra water.

Trees were uprooted and fell onto the footpath and the board walk. Hope nobody got hurt by them. The water at the board walk was at it highest. Only 6 inches separate the board walk from the water level. It was such a beautiful sight. A beautiful sunset lifted my spirit and ended the days fishing.

Lower Peirce Reservoir. Kids like floods and water.

A fallen tree blocked the entrance to the board walk.


Clearing weeds at Lower Seletar Reservoir