Sunday, July 09, 2006

AJ Thramer Versus Wayne Maca

Beverhead Bamboo Rod By Wayne Maca
Beverhead Hollow Built versus AJ Thramer Hollow Built. Uncle Wong and I took turns to test cast the rod and caught fish with it. Uncle Wong couldn’t bear to part with it. I was so impressed by its casting quality, I thought I was cast a graphite. Kuan was patiently waiting and in his eyes I could sense him thinking, “Now I’ve really got you guys!”.

Casting both the AJ Thramer and the Wayne Maca, I must admit, the Beaverhead won the casting part hands down. Without a doubt.

Uncle Wong broke his South Bend after catching a peacock bass. Ady had his fair share of fishes, but today, he missed the big ones.

I saw 6 sebaraus at the rapids. But today, the valve technician was fast asleep and the river wouldn’t run for us. The sebaraus just played at the end of the cement blocks, teasing me as it chased the fly I casted to them. Only stopping when it swam alongside it. Then ignoring the fly altogether.

Breakfast as usual. Uncle Wong had his usual kopi-O and warm water. Noodles also on Uncle Wong.

My AJ Thramer took a back seat while we tried and admire the Beaverhead Bamboo, also a Hollow Built.

Kuan rigging up the Beaverhead. Ady was already casting his lure.

First cast and this greedy peacock bass hit the fly.

Caught with the AJ Thramer Hollow Built

Kuan was catching peacock basses with his new toy, theWayne Maca built Beaverhead.

6 sebaraus teased me and ignored my fly

Uncle Wong trying out Kuan's Beaverhead Bamboo Rod by Wayne Maca
and refuse to give it up for me to try even after prolonged begging by me.
I casted the rod too and wouldn't want to give it back to Kuan.
Man................ a bamboo rod that casted like graphite.

Uncle Wong caught peacock basses again and again with the Beaverhead.

Nice rod and reel

Ady with his catch

Again. Just as he was reluctantly going to let me have a go at the Beaverhead Rod

This slipper broke when it got stuck in the mud.

Another brokern slipper left behind by the owner

Uncle Wong's secret fly.

Water boots will not get stuck in the mud.

Food center at Seletar Hills

Uncle Wong's usual Kopi-O and warm water. Ady's Tea-O

Empty noodle bowls. All on Uncle Wong. Thanks Uncle Wong.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Old Tampines Sand Quarry

Tampines Quarry
Uncle Chui and I wanted to go to the Bedok Reservoir to try for the sebaraus at the water overflow outlet. But even before we had reached Bedok Reservoir, we could already hear drums beating. There was a Dragon Boat Carnival at the Bedok Reservoir and the rowers were rowing to the beats on the drum.

We decided to make a detour and go recce at the Old Tampines Sand Quarry Pond. Again, Thai workers were already there laying nets all over the place. A few anglers were showing their angry faces to them. Other lure anglers continue their casting elsewhere.

Uncle Chui and I trekked further into the quarry and found a nice quiet place to cast our fly lines. A lot of juvenile peacock basses were chasing the fly. I caught a fair share of them. Also a zebra tilapia which put up a surprising good struggle to get free.

I’ll let the pictures speak for the trip.

Uncle Chui casting near the banks of the Sand Quarry Pond

Uncle bulldozing ahead

A mini vegetable farm hidden away from the road

With a scarecrow too

Uncle Chui looking for a spot to fish

An angler spinning a lure at the corner

My first catch of a small peacock bass

Caught with my McDowell

Uncle Chui tied shrimp fly

Close up of the fly and fish

A very brightly coloured juvenile peacock bass

McDowell with ferm leaves as the background

Close up of the Teton reel

A zebra tilapia

Uncle Chui un-rigging his fly rod