Saturday, November 26, 2011

Homer Jennings Bamboo Rod

Just acquired a rod which I had been eyeing for years.
Homer Jennings 8’0” #4 weight 2 piece 2 tips.
Fantastic casting rod.

Homer Jennings 8’ 0” #4 Weight
(Click on the pictures for more.)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Peter's 10-Pound Club - Welcome A New Member

Peter’s 10-Pound Club has a new member today.
He is Albert Loh.
Albert caught a big fat mama today at our favourite temensis hideout.
So now we have the 10-Pound Club as follows:
Peter Tay : Chairman, President, Secretary-General
Member No. 1 : Billy Teo (11.5 Pound)
Member No.2 : Albert Loh (11.0 Pound)

Albert with the 11.0 Pound Temensis Peacock Bass.

This Big Fat Mama is really BIG.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Catch And Released Again - Third Time

Two weeks ago Ronald caught this Temensis the second time. Today, Peter caught it again. PH Chua and Ronald and tried to catch it again today. But it was Peter's persistence that paid off. This Mama grabbed Peter's MacDonald Drinking Straw Fly.
Peter had been experimenting with all sorts of materials for tying his flies. Two weeks ago, the other Temensis took the fly but the tippet broke. Today the Straw Fly did indeed irritate the Mama enough for it to grab the fly. The baby temensis had grown to about 4 inches and are venturing further outside the nest.

You can again see the benefits of Catch And Release.

Peter was grinning from ear to ear because he caught this temensis with a MacDonald drinking Straw Fly.

6.5 Pound Temensis Peacock Bass.

Look at the patterns again. Same fish with the extra spot below the eye.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Catch And Release

Last Sunday, I caught a 6.5 pound Temensis peacock bass. This fish and its partner were looking after a school of baby temensis. Their hiding spot was a hole among the granite rocks.
Today, I brought Ronald to the same spot. Scanned the hole with my polaroid sunglasses. The pair of mamas were still there, taking care of their babies.
Ronald casted to the pair and caught the same temensis which I had caught last week.

Now this is the Beauty of Catch And Release.

Ronald with the 6.5 Pound Temensis Peacock Bass.

Look at the patterns on the body of the temensis.