Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gamefish & Aquatic Rehabilitation Society

Gamefish & Aquatic Rehabilitation Society
GARS got their registration approved a few weeks ago. One of the many projects they are undertaking is to educate people on fishing with artificials. Hard bodied lures or flies, it doesn’t matter, as long as the angler uses fishing methods that does not pollute the waters that we would be drinking and can keep the place clean.

That’s the President of GARS in the photo. Mr Tan Tien Yun.

Melvin and I did a trail run on the 8th of August 2009 with only one newbie, Mogan turning up at Woodlands MRT Station. We decided the place was suitable and safe for even newbies and children.

I got the approval from Qwek, the Chairman of Fly Fishing Club Singapore. The GARS committee decided we would conduct Fly Fishing and Fly Tying clinics on every Saturday at Springleaf. With some education, let us see if we can convince enough anglers to give up organic pollutant baits to non-polluting artificials. Afterall, we're all going to drink the water in this stream too.

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Look at the signboard. There is a “No Fishing” sign on it..

Today, it’s gone. Plastered over with a blank sticker.

I picked up Mogan from the Woodlands MRT Station.
The haze is back.

This is the first time I'm back since the bridge was closed for upgrading.

Nee Soon now have a concrete bridge. The wooden bridge is gone forever.

But the place is more accessible. Uncle Chui would love to come here again to fish for the climbing perch.

The hydralia harvesters are still here.
They had been here for years now. Clearing the weed "free-of-charge" and make some money to feed the family.

Mogan caught nothing and was a bit disappointed.
So I brought him to Mandai Pond.
Again, he blanked.

Holiday on Monday. Went to Mandai to try out dry flies.
But caught this fella with a copper head Prince nymph.

Then back to recce with my polaroid glasses to find some productive spots for Mogan.

Caught a little Peacock Bass

This is the bridge over Lentor Avenue.

15th August 2009. We set up the fly tying table and are in business.

Even PH came to support our opening session.

I poison Peter the week before and he went to Coho to get his fly rod.
Uncle Wong teaching him the finer points of casting.

CY coaching Arthur. Also new to fly fishing.

That's Terry. Edward's friend from Canada.

Peter is mesmerised by Melvin

See the "No Fishing" sign in the back ground.
That will soon be gone.

Skinny Tab cycled down to give support.

Even Desmond popped by.
Thanks Desmond.

And Mervin too.

Bumblebee goby fries.

Mogan's poisoned deep by evil Melvin.

Dah Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Now you see it now you don't
We can fish now.............................

Peter is really hooked on fly fishing.




This branch was broken off.
The the whole broken off portion is steel growing green shoots and leaves.

Can you see the yabby.
Tried to take a macro shot of it but the camera battery died.

Finally got the macro to work.


One day, we won't need them to clean after us anglers anymore.

Millions of dollar spent.
If they give half a percent of the cleaning budget to GARS to educate the anglers,
they possibly could cut the cleaning cost by half.
Maybe one day....................................