Sunday, April 23, 2006

Satellite Station Secrets

A Really Secret Spot at the Satellite Station
Continue………………… Uncle Chui couldn’t make it because his boss refuse to grant him fishing leave. So I met up with Ah Yeow, Ah Wee and two of his friends. The place was secluded and not easily accessible if you do not know the way. Of course, the construction Thai workers were there all over the place, putting up nets. They seem to know where all the fishes are.

Ah Wee said the action was not as good as yesterday. But for me, it was indeed a worthy secret spot. Peacock basses were all over the place. Just drop a fly into the water and one will grab it. Not much casting space was available. But we managed to roll cast effectively.

I hooked myself with a fly. Ah Wee helped hold my hand for me while I pulled the hooked out myself. Very painful. Made me sit back and think if the fish also felt the same when it was hooked like that.

I didn't have the leisure and time to take any photographs. Caught a few peacock basses. Even before the fishes were landed, the Thai guy was already there.

"Kop Koon..... Kop Koon........... Ah Hiah Kop Koon.........."

And he went on to unhook the peacock basses for me. Smiling like he had won the lottery.

A happy Thai worker. He and his friends collected enough fish to last them the whole month.

Secluded Indian Temple, built around a sacred tree

The Sacred Tree

Temple trustees

Ah Yeow caught another peacock bass on his #0 weight

Ah Yeow in action

Ah Yeow is the champion as usual

Ah Wee also caught his fair share of peacock basses

Fishing side by side for a big pod of peacock basses

This Thai was very helpful.
He help cleared snagged lures and flies by swimming into the water.
When he requested for the fishes for dinner for his group of co-workers, we couldn't refuse.

A good size 1.5 pound peacock bass. Dinner for the Thai Worker. TomYam Peacock Bass
His friends also caught many with their nets.

Enough TomYam Peacock bass for a month.

McDowell and Hardy Bougle Tame the Peacock Basses

McDowell and Hardy Bougle Light Weight Tame the Peacock Basses
After a week's fishing break, I was feeling itchy again for another adventure at the New Zealand River. Fueled by more reports of the illusive sebarau getting caught at New Zealand River, I couldn’t wait any longer. When Uncle Wong sent his SMS, my answer was short and sharp.

Ady, our usual fishing buddy was also with us this morning. The action was not that hot like the last few occasions, but it was satisfying.

I’ll let the pictures do the the talking as I had just received another poisonous phone call from Uncle Chui. Ah Wee, Ah Yeow and Uncle Chui caught over 100 pieces of good size peacock basses at a secret location in ET territory. Asked me if I’m coming.

I’ll be back with more reports………………………………………

A very colourful peacock bass.

Early hours at the Old Thomson Road.

The entrance to Upper Peirce is still dark

The sun rose to greet our arrival

Uncle Wong and Ady teasing some peacock basses

No action yet.

Then action

The McDowell bend for the peacock bass

Not too big but the fight was tremendous

With my foam popper

Close up

Hardy Bougle paired with The McDowell

Another peacock bass which I operated on. Look closely.

Can you see the damaged gill

One of its gill is damaged and is not red in colour. Probably decaying.

I used a pair sissors to cut off the gill because it was impairing the peacock bass natural swimming action

A little cove

Uncle Wong fighting a peacock bass

Ady with his peacock bass

Off to Ah Hoe's for our usual coffee to wake us up from our dreams.