Friday, April 14, 2006

Old Nee Soon Bridge is Demolished

The Old Nee Soon Wooden Bridge is Demolished
Uncle Chui called to go down to Old Nee Soon to try for the Haruan(Channa Striatus). When I reached the road entrance, it was condoned off for all vehicles. Made a detour via Springleaf Road to arrive at our usual Haruan spot. I saw that the Old NeeSoon Wooden Bridge was demolished and they are in the process of building a new bridge. Five big steel girders were laid across the stream. Should last for another half a century.

I blanked at this spot more often than not. Uncle Chui’s popper is the only fly that work here. I lost a popper to the tall lallang grass. But tried as I did, I didn’t even manage to get a hit or bite or follow. Nothing even stirred for me. The only consolation for me is that I saw a big pod of red Haruan babies. The momma refused even the live baits by some bait fishermen.

Uncle Chui walked all the way back with his catch, a Haruan(Channa Striatus) for me to take a photograph.

What happen to the bridge?

The old wooden bridge is demolished.

Steel beams.

5 steel girders.

Uncle Chui admiring some birds.

That’s how the bridge look now, Under construction.

Uncle all geared up with water boots and stripping basket.

Ready for action

Some construction going on at the old water hole

The stream leading to Lower Seletar Reservoir

The longkang

Changing fly

Righty Chui

Uncle spotted a few aruans

Stream leading to the highway

All quiet

Ever so sporting Uncle Chui. He walked all the way back for me to take a pic of the haruan.

Haruan caught by uncle Chui

Thank you Uncle Chui.

Caught by the Uncle Chui Popper

Nice haruan

12 inch

Trying trying trying

Dusk arrives

All quiet

Insect bite. Scratching

Uncle Chui still trying

Park lights are switched on at 1900 hours

Setting sun


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