Sunday, April 09, 2006

Midge Rod Fishing at White House & Lower Peirce

White House And Lower Peirce
Had a few hours free time this afternoon. Missed fishing this morning because of the downpour. So I went down to the White Houses and have a go at the big Peacock Basses. Also went to investigate some splashing inside the cove where the worker’s boat was moured. There were big tomans there. I managed to catch a glimpse of a huge blue toman chasing the peacock basses. A pink kalui made me wasted half an hour trying to entice it with a humpy dry fly without success.

Then made my way to Lower Peirce. The place was crowded as usual, with children catching yabbies. So went to the board walk and caught a few small peacock basses. At the dam, a pod of Peacock Basses were having a party. Anthony and his friend could not catch any of them. I didn’t dare risk casting in the crowded area. But managed to catch a few smaller peacock basses with roll casts.

My Other Midge Rod.

Upper Peirce dam

Down the dam

White Houses

Workers boat

Big tomans here

Saw a very toman here

A secret cove in Lower Peirce


Kite flyers

A good size peacock bass

Big eyes

Lip grip

Show off my new lip grip

Can catch a lot here

Calm surroundings

Huge dam

The inlet from Upper Peirce

White house

Lower Peirce

Crowded legal fishing ground

How fish fish here?

A small peacock bass

See this fly

Close up of fly

A productive spot

The shady tree is gone

Peacock bass caught at board walk

A small Peacock bass

Board walk

Dead catfish used as bait.

Sword tails used as live bait. Released after fishing.

Near the jetty

Lower Peirce Jetty

Caught at the dam

A little greedy peacock bass

Close look at the fly

Another part of the dam

Crowded fishing ground


The canal leading to Kallang River

Lower Peirce dam

Lower Peirce


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