Friday, March 31, 2006

In Search Of The Sebbiesaurus In Venus

Searching For Sebbiesaurus In Venus
Set out alone in search for the sebaraus again. This time my search began at the Venus Trail at Venus Drive off Upper Thomson Road. Luck was with me when I found some silvery fishes, each with a diffused black spot on the center of their body. On first look, they looked like lampans. But then they look like sebarau juveniles too. When I was about to attract their attention, the rain poured down on me. I donned my poncho and gave up my intentions when the rain water muddied the little stream and I lost sight of the silvery fishes.

I continued my trek towards the TreeTop Trail. The trails took me through the Singapore Island Country Club and the Kallang Service Reservoir. I reached the Ranger Station and the rain abated a little for me to continue my trek to the TreeTop Walk.

Met an army scout just after the TreeTop Walk. He had just trekked up the slope from the Upper Peirce Reservoir. Changed my mind to trek down towards the two secret spots when he told me that the trail was quite slippery and I should proceed very carefully. I was also afraid the fog seen from the TreeTop Suspension Bridge may decend onto the jungle floor when I reach the secret spots. If I got lost in these excessively marked trails, I would be the stupidest trekker not only in Singapore but also the whole world. Broken granites are laid on some trails. Wooden railings prevent people from falling into small streams and act as a guide to the trails. Wooden board walks make it easy for joggers to jog along in the "rough" jungle path. Wooden flights of staircase to climb "steeper" slopes.(In future maybe escalators). Directional signs at every intersection and every 30 to 50 metres or so. Rangers to assist if anyone ever got lost. I mean it is impossible to get lost.

But we have people doing just that.

They got lost.

Well, I didn't get what I set out to catch.
An embarassing experience with no fish to show off today.
Just some photos which I hope you guys enjoy.
But I'll be back to try again at the little streams to identify the silvery fishes.

TreeTop Walk

Entrance to Venus Drive Trail

The map from Venus Trail to the Tree Top Trail

Closer look

Beautiful vacant space

I began walking towards the wooded area. The path was laid with broken granite, making it difficult to get lost.

Found a secret bamboo spot which I shall keep secret from Uncle Wong unless he make me a bamboo rod.

Beautiful green bamboo.

Wooden railings also guide the hikers as they walk along the Venus Drive Trail

But I found a stream occupied by a pod of silvery lampan looking fish.

Can you see the fishes. I took this pic when the fish were there.

Heavy showers made me kept my camera. Out came my puncho and I walked all the way to the Kallang Service Reservoir before the rain was light enough to take a few pictures without getting the camera wet.

This is a protected place too.

Camoflaged buildings

An alternative route to the Ranger's Station

And it was a little bit foggy too.

Directional signs

A small stream from the forest

Finally I reach tyhe Ranger Station. Half the Trail is completed now and the rain is easying up.

Another trail leading to the Ranger Station

An air-con building in the nature reserve. Its great to be a ranger

Hiker seeking shelter from the rain.

I had my poncho donned and push on towards the Tree Top Trail

Another 100 metres and I'm there.

The Ranger's scrambler bike welcome me at the entrance of the Tree Top Walk.

Sponsored by HSBC. Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

Entrance to the Tree Top Walk

Can buy 4D or not?

Down the stairs

Finally I made it.

One way street

The Ranger reading the New Papers at his station

Suspension Bridge support the TreeTop Walk

Tree Top

The rain was still pouring over the other side of the hill


Rain rain rain rain

Another trail at the bottom of the Tree Top Walk

Tree Top view

Getting foggy and I was a bit worried. In other countries, people do get lost in fog in the forest

Look back from where I can from

Upper Peirce Reservoir as seen from the Tree Top Walk

Nice view from Tree Top Walk

Another view

One way only

No turn back

But can turn a take a picture lah

A long walk back to the Ranger Station

Winding steps

Up up and up

On the left of this Map, are 2 secret spots.

Down towards the Ranger Station


Secret spots will be recycled after the older fishermen retire and younger ones found them again and stake their claim to the secret spot once again.

2 Army scouts resting at the bottom of the TreeTop Walk

Path to the Ranger Station

Water pipes

Pipes going underground

Path to Ranger Station


Reminds me to keep my secret spot a secret and stake my claim to it by telling everybody that this particular this spot is mine.

Reached the Ranger Station again via the Tree Top

Toilet at the Ranger Station

Terentang Trail

My hike almost completed

Way Out

Ranger pickup

Signs again

Country Club

SICC Club House

But I prefer to take the granite path


Multi storey carpark

MacRitchie Map

MacRitchie Trail. Maybe another day

Singapore Island Country Club

Back on Venus Trail

A long long walk

Up the slope

Couldn’t take these photos when tracking in because of the rain.

Small stream

Staircase in the forest.

Flower or fruit

Another staircase

Looked like a abandoned and ruin house


Tall and straight

The stream

Flowing towards Venus Drive

Bamboo again

More bamboo

Towards the Venus Drive entrance

The stream

Water from the downpour

And they merged into one

This is the secret spot which is home to the silvery fish

Could there be sebaraus

Cultivated vegetables and herbs

This could be a sebarau stream.

Saw some beautiful morning glory flowers before I set off for home. I'll be back.