Sunday, March 19, 2006

Midge Rod Poison PH Chua

PH Tried Out The Midge Rod
Rain was torrential in the late afternoon. But I had already prepared to go visit the New Zealand River to try my luck on some Sebaraus which I had spotted a few days ago. Meet up with PH Chua at the Casuarina Coffe Shop for a sip of coffee. Waited for the downpour to ease down before making our way to the Secret Spot.

The technician was on duty and he duly opened the valves to let the over flowing water from the Upper Peirce Reservoir run into the Lower Peirce Reservoir. I was looking forward to catch a Sebarau. PH was fascinated with the beautiful 5-Foot Midge Rod and wanted to see me fish it. He later had a go at the rod and was poisoned by it when he landed a good size Peacock Bass.

I walk away satisfied with today's catches, but was dreaming of the Sebaraus. Maybe next time.

The Midge Rod injected PH with Bamboo Poison.

Road to the river

A walk to the river is always refreshing.

I had evil intentions in my mind

When he least expected, I'm gonna poison him.

Approaches to the river. Beautiful after the showers.

And the river is flowing................. sebarau?

Hope to get an elusive sebarau today.

Scerenity takes over and only the sound of the rushing river can be heard.

A little bit artificial for a rushing river. But that's what we've got nearest to the rapids in other countries.

And the white waters look so real too.

Anyway, PH took a few pics of me trying to con the 3 sebaraus swimming near the rapids.

First catch is a wee peacock bass.

My evil mind took over and I let PH had a little fun with the soft bamboo rod.

And he was poisoned.

By this small little fish which put up an unexpectedly remarkable fight.

I showed off my new lip grip to PH and he wanted one also.

He was so excited and poison by the bamboo that he keep shooting away with my camera.

My evil mind was made up to make sure I let the bamboo poison flow deeper into PH's veins.

And the evil grin betrayed what I had in mind for PH.

The fish unhooked itself.

Another peacock bass and I was sure PH fell for the bamboo already.

Dah...dah............... He asked to try it. Muahahahahahaha

Look at the poison working its way into PH's veins.

Concentrating on the retrive.......

........he kena poison already.......

A good size peacock bass

A very dark coloured peacock bass

Caught with the New Zealand River Special Fly

Close up of the peacock bass

I let PH fight a bigger peacock bass

He had so much fun with it, and was awed with the Midge Rod.

This fellow bend the Midge Rod into a "U" shape. PH was impressed.

I gave him a New Zealand River Special Fly.

This peacock bass put up a really powerful fight

A few more casts before calling it a day

The river slowed down a bit

And PH stopped by to admire the river and the scenery

But in my mind, I can imagine the bamboo poison circulating in his blood. One day he will be begging Uncle Wong to make him a bamboo rod. Kekekekekekeke..........


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