Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two More for The Miyuki

It was pouring dogs and cats yesterday. Some low lying areas were flooded. Trees fell, causing traffic chaos all over the place. I was drunk on friday night and slept through the havoc. CY and PH had to cancel their expedition to Temensis Country.
Peter, Ronald and I went to a more relaxed place today. Water gushing and Peacock Basses in frenzy. Peter, like Uncle Wong caught all the Peacock Basses leaving only 2 each for me and Ronald.

Two beautifully coloured Peacock Basses on the Miyuki rod.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

John Brough "Fairy"

After reading some comments about double taper lines, weight forward lines and triangular taper lines casting differently, I decided to bring the John Brough "Fairy" rod to try out the casting.
First, I put a #4 weight, WF line on it. Casted ok, but the feel wasn't what I would have liked.
Changed to a reel with a #4 weight, DT line on and tried again.
The feel was much more better and I was more comfortable with the DT line even though the line weight is the same.
I could cast further with ease.
A very smooth feeling, much better than the feel I had while I was casting the Brough with a WF line.
Caught several temensis peacock basses.
The biggest was 1.5 pounds on the boga grip.

This 1.5 pound temensis peacock bass put up a good fight. Bending the Brough all the way.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brooks' Payne 100 Taper Bamboo Rod

Nyukoning my Brooks Bamboo
Went to the most secret spot in Singapore to nyukon my Brooks Bamboo Rod. The rod casted a #4 weight double taper line like butter. I could cast 40-50 feet with ease and I'm such a lousy caster. Definately could be more in the hands of a better caster.
"This is going to be your favourite casting rod, Billy." CY commented after trying out the Brooks on the pedestal for some temensis hiding in the weeds.
I caught some Temensis Peacock Basses with it. The biggest was about 2 pounds. The MV Brooks rod was strongly recommended by CY as the best casting Payne 100 Taper. It was also receiving a lot of recommendations in the Clark's Classic Fly Rod Forum.
Joe Bresco probably has the fastest finger in the west. From the moment I send an email to Coldwaters Collectables to the time I received the rod was less than a week. And that is after the rod was held in the customs for 2 days. Now that is what I call a speedy service.

This Temensis Peacock Bass is almost 2 pounds.

The Lesh Rod was Nyukon by this Peacock Bass.

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