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Sunday, July 11, 2010

John Brough "Fairy"

After reading some comments about double taper lines, weight forward lines and triangular taper lines casting differently, I decided to bring the John Brough "Fairy" rod to try out the casting.
First, I put a #4 weight, WF line on it. Casted ok, but the feel wasn't what I would have liked.
Changed to a reel with a #4 weight, DT line on and tried again.
The feel was much more better and I was more comfortable with the DT line even though the line weight is the same.
I could cast further with ease.
A very smooth feeling, much better than the feel I had while I was casting the Brough with a WF line.
Caught several temensis peacock basses.
The biggest was 1.5 pounds on the boga grip.

This 1.5 pound temensis peacock bass put up a good fight. Bending the Brough all the way.

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