Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mandai Pond

Climbing Perch caught by Qwek at Mandai Pond

Jim helped Qwek unhook the spiky Perch

Jim and Qwek really go through a great lengths to make sure that they do not hurt the
Climbing Perch when they unhook the fly from its mouth.

Albert got a red tilapia too.

A beautiful specimen with a nymph in its mouth.

Spectacular Sunrise at the President's Garden

Sunrises at the White House are always Spectacular
Met up with the gang again. This time at the President’s Garden. The early birds were the Taichi Master and his disciples, pushing the air at the water’s edge. Maybe they were the ones who pushed away the haze too. Kekekeke…………… oh you could never tell could you?

The Peacock Basses here today were not like those at the River yesterday. But we managed to at least catch one each. Mine was the smallest.

Albert treat us to Roti Prata and hot kopi-O. A really nice breakfast.

Then off we went to a secret place. Military secret that is. I was the guide. Can’t tell you guys where it is. But if you want to guess, take a look at the photos.

A big and fat Climbing Perch. Maybe too much Prata also.

Taichi session

Sunrises at White House are always spectucalur.

Jim's caught a good size Peacock Bass

Shooting a pic

Finally I got one myself.

Deep throat too.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The River Runs Today

The New Zealand River at full force
After such a long absence, it was indeed a very pleasant sight when we arrived. The River was flowing. As usual, Uncle Wong got his Peacock Bass first. I had other things in mind. Such conditions meant the sebaraus are around.

The Peacock Basses under such conditions are also hitting the fly hard and fighting even harder. Two spin fishermen were landing and releasing peacock basses like nothing. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Then Qwek, Albert, Harvey and Huns arrived. I had the pleasure of casting Qwek’s South Bend Bamboo Rod. Very beautiful rod and I could even double haul with it.

Coffee and dry mee-kia at the Sembawang Food Centre as usual.

The fly in the throat of a Peacock Bass.

The River is running at full force today. The Valve Technician is working early.

My Jas Gordon Cave Bamboo Rod with the TeaStick Classic Reel

As usual, Uncle Wong hook the first fish.

Then I got mine. Bend the rod too.

This Peacock Bass hit the fly real hard and fight even harder.
The fly is stuck all the way in its throat.

Close up of a very colourful specimen.

Again, very ferocious and got the fly right up its throat.

Today, NZ is full of activity.

Albert, Harvey, Qwek, Huns. JimBoz..... where are you?