Sunday, November 12, 2006

Spectacular Sunrise at the President's Garden

Sunrises at the White House are always Spectacular
Met up with the gang again. This time at the President’s Garden. The early birds were the Taichi Master and his disciples, pushing the air at the water’s edge. Maybe they were the ones who pushed away the haze too. Kekekeke…………… oh you could never tell could you?

The Peacock Basses here today were not like those at the River yesterday. But we managed to at least catch one each. Mine was the smallest.

Albert treat us to Roti Prata and hot kopi-O. A really nice breakfast.

Then off we went to a secret place. Military secret that is. I was the guide. Can’t tell you guys where it is. But if you want to guess, take a look at the photos.

A big and fat Climbing Perch. Maybe too much Prata also.

Taichi session

Sunrises at White House are always spectucalur.

Jim's caught a good size Peacock Bass

Shooting a pic

Finally I got one myself.

Deep throat too.

At 9:38 PM, Blogger BCM said...

Nice Report, Fly Fisherman. I am looking forward to the day you go hunting for those legendary Brown Trout that New Zealand is known for, though.

Any plans in the near future?

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Fly Fisherman said...

Thank you BCM.
No plans so far.
But sometimes I really wish I could catch one of those beautiful browns you'd caught and photographed.


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