Sunday, June 17, 2007

Live Baiters At The River

Live Baiters At The River
Caught up with Uncle Wong and Adi today before dawn at the river again. Chee Yung couldn't get a leave pass from his commander-in-chief. Anyway, it was his self imposed punishment for his coming sin, which will be arriving in the form of a Leonard Maxwell bamboo. Hope I can fish with these wonderful fellows fortnightly. We were joined by Tan Yik just before the sun broke through the tree tops. The valve technician has done his job and the water was flowing at full force.

As usually, the peacock basses started feeding just when the first light decent upon us. Fast and ferocious as they had been before when the the river flowed. Caught a few with my McDowell paired with a Hardy Bougle reel. Uncle Wong and Adi caught more than their share as usual. But it was Tan Yik’s fishes which were creating the din when most of the bigger peacock basses choosed to take his fly.

Then came along 3 live baiters. They started fishing and in a few minutes, the caught a good size sebarau. Didn’t really see if they put it in their bag or let it go. But I did see one of them unhooking the sebbie near the water. Hope they did let the sebbie free. I gave them 3 flies after they watched in amazement when I caught 2 good size peacock basses in succession. Put some poison into their blood and hope they can put away their goldfish and use the flies I gave them to catch the peacock basses. Maybe one day, I’ll see them with a fly rod at the NZ River.
The McDowell.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Poisonous Jennings Bamboo

Testing The Jennings
Finally had some free time to fly fish at the usual forbidden hunt. SMS Uncle Wong and CY and all systems go. CY even had to forged a Licence To Fly Fish from his Commander-in-Chief so that he can bring his Jennings and let me have a go at it.

The Jennings was such a beautiful rod and it was so easy to cast, I could roll cast all day and my arm wouldn't get tired. The peacock basses were co-operative today. We thoroughly enjoyed the session at NZ today.

The only hiccup was TY pulled out a drift net at the pool. I saw an Earth Eater stuck onto the net and managed to un-net it and released it back into the waters. There was another one, but I missed it. It was dead when Uncle Wong gathered the net for disposal. Wish I had seen it earlier.
This one managed to swim away after a few minutes.