Saturday, August 07, 2010

Nyukoning The Downes 8-Footer

CY was poisoned last week with photos of sebaraus and 3kg temensises. So met up at the carpark and off we went to sebarau country.
I bought my Downes 8-footer to try out at sebarau country. Caught some small temensis to nyukon the Downes 8-footer. CY got a big zebra tilapia. But it was Peter the Great who make the news. One day he'll start a fly fishing guiding business. His charges will be very reasonable. He will charge by the meter while you fish.
Nyukon the Downes 8-footer with this little temensis.

CY was trying to get a sebarau or a 3kg temensis for the Brandin. This 2.5 pound zebra tilapia gave a good fight.

Peter The Great. Again made the news. 6.5 pound Temensis.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

My First Sebarau

It was raining heavily this morning when I woke up at 5.00 AM. Waited for the rain to stop, but it didn't. Going to the fishing spot in such weather is terrible, with the trees falling. Peter and Ronald are hardcore fishermen. They went in all weathers. I went back to sleep reluctantly.
Asked Peter if he was going again in the afternoon. He SMSed back - 3.30 PM. I completed my chores quickly and was there early. 10 minutes later Peter arrived. There was still a slight drizzle.
After catching many temensis babies, my fly line char-bee-hoon. I managed to clear the mess and was taking in the flyline with two hands when I got "stuck". Then it went sideways. "Stuck" flylines don't go sideways. It wasn't jerking like the earlier catches when the temensis were at the end of the line. It kept going left and right. No jerks, it just went. Peter shouted, "Sebarau". I was excited and brought the fish in as quickly as I could. It was indeed a sebarau. My first sebarau. After so many years of trying to catch one, I caught 3 today. Man! What a day.

Caught it with the Brooks Payne 100 rod. The best casting rod in my arsenal.