Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brooks' Payne 100 Taper Bamboo Rod

Nyukoning my Brooks Bamboo
Went to the most secret spot in Singapore to nyukon my Brooks Bamboo Rod. The rod casted a #4 weight double taper line like butter. I could cast 40-50 feet with ease and I'm such a lousy caster. Definately could be more in the hands of a better caster.
"This is going to be your favourite casting rod, Billy." CY commented after trying out the Brooks on the pedestal for some temensis hiding in the weeds.
I caught some Temensis Peacock Basses with it. The biggest was about 2 pounds. The MV Brooks rod was strongly recommended by CY as the best casting Payne 100 Taper. It was also receiving a lot of recommendations in the Clark's Classic Fly Rod Forum.
Joe Bresco probably has the fastest finger in the west. From the moment I send an email to Coldwaters Collectables to the time I received the rod was less than a week. And that is after the rod was held in the customs for 2 days. Now that is what I call a speedy service.

This Temensis Peacock Bass is almost 2 pounds.

The Lesh Rod was Nyukon by this Peacock Bass.

(Click on the pictures for more.)


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