Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kuan's Keane Emotion Quad at New Zealand River

New Zealand River with Kuan’s Keane Emotion Quad Bamboo Rod
After so many days of rain, rain and more rain, we have a clear sky today. Uncle Wong, Kuan, Ady and I took a slow stroll towards the New Zealand River. The valve technician as usual was fast asleep today and the river did not flow. So no Sebaraus for me again………. as usual. But we have the orange tinted Star Aldebaran in the Constellation of Taurus as companion and the Planet Venus shining brightest behind us as we walk the path towards the river. Man……… what a beautiful day for fly fishing.

The sun rose slowly over the horizon and the peacock basses “woke up” and feed. The feeding frenzy was crazy and fish after fish was caught and released. I had the usual misfortune of missing the “big” one because the smaller ones were faster and got my fly first before the sluggish “big fellow” could grab it.

Uncle Wong and I took turns to try out the new Keone Emotion Hollowbuilt Quadrate 7.5’ 2/2 5wt fast action Bamboo Rod Kuan acquired recently. Matched with a champaign coloured Classic Hardy Bougle Limited Edition the set up is simply beautiful. The rod casted sweetly and the accuracy was excellent.

Coffee and Wanton Mee as usual at our favourite stalls at Leban Hawker Centre. There after, to Uncle Wong’s house to view his latest arsenal of bamboo making equipments.

A really hungry Peacock Bass.

Sun's just over the horizon. Couldn't really capture the beauty of it because of the limitations of the camera. But it is one of the reason I fish so early in the morning.

A small peacock bass can bend the Zhu rod like this

First of the few today

Fly is fish's mouth

Zhu Rod MacRitchie #3 Weight

Zhu rod and Tea Stick Classic Fly Reel

The fly right up in the throat

Nice size peacock bass

Zhu Rod

Nice fish or fly

Close up of the fly

Kuan trying to catch a crocodile. Nah he's after the peacock basses.

Uncle Wong changing spots

Nice and beautiful morning

Little bit of Nimbus clouds. But I think the weather should be fine today

Cirrocumulus clouds. Beautiful day for fishing

Uncle Wong admiring Kuan's Quad Bamboo before casting it.

Billy look! Fish on already

Fish on for Uncle Wong

Uncle Wong caught a palm size Peacock Bass with Kuan's new Quad Bamboo Rod and Hardy Bougle Limited Edition (81 of 100). Beautiful rod and reel.

Uncle Wong delicately released the peacock bass

Peacock bass eating frenzy

Steady as he goes

Lefty Kuan

Kuan concentrating on a pod of peacock bass

Kuan casting at the river "mouth"


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