Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Zealand River Fly Experiment

Ah Hoe Coffee Stall after New Zealand River

It has been a long time since my last expedition to the New Zealand River with Uncle Wong for our Bamboo Rod Bashing. This morning, we have a Bamboo Crazy fly fisherman in Kuan CY. He brought along his Argentine hand made Hollow Macello 5 Weight Bamboo Rod with Bamboo ferrules for its opening ceremony with a fierce New Zealand River Peacock Bass. I was a bit hesitant to try such a beautiful rod and was afraid I might break it with my rough-hand rough-leg casting. But Kuan made sure I had a go at it.

I was trying out my newly designed fly. This fly was designed to look transparent or translucent like the shrimps at New Zealand River. I had the whole fly wrapped in mono with a series of flat knots covering the entire dressing. Why? At the New Zealand River, the action can be a non-stop heart stopping experience. Fishes are landed so fast that sometimes you don’t even have the time to strip or straighten the fly line when a Peacock Bass at the other end just grab the fly and “run”. Releasing the fish quickly usually means using a pair of pliers or forceps which ended up destroying the fly dressing so quickly that the fly will be “botak” after several greedy Peacock Basses.

The mono wraps passed its test with flying colours. The whole fly is still in good shape and I think it would take a long time before it could be “botaked” like the rest. I made two versions of it. One that is neutral where the Specific Density or Specific Gravity is concerned. (Of course the measurements are estimated only with a glass of water on my fly tying desk.) But the fly will not float nor sink quickly. It will go where the sinking line go and stay at that depth. The other version is a fast sinking. The retrieve for the sinking fly is such that occasional 2 second stops are allowed for the fly to “dive”. Most Peacock Basses whacked the fly on the “dive” today.

Two fly design experiments conducted successfully today.

The verdict: Awesome!

The two prototype flies are presented to Kuan.

Kuan joined us for our usual breakfast and downloading of lies at Ah Hoe’s territory. We also had the usual Wanton Mee. Big bowl for me and Kuan. Uncle Wong only can manage the smaller bowl. The coffee from Ah Hoe is as expected. Hot with the familiar smell of freshly ground coffee beans. The beans were grounded days ago, I believe. But somehow he had always managed to keep them coffee smelling fresh when served.

Uncle Wong invited us to his house and showcase his arsenal for his bamboo assault. Planing forms, high quality bamboo planes, bamboo wrapping thread winder, guide making machine ……………….. I forgot the rest.

When I left his house, I was saying a silent prayer to whoever was listening.

“I shalt not fall into temptation.”

This Zealand River Special Fly.

First expedition of the year 2006. Newly designed fly. New Hardy Bougle Reel. New Scientific Angler Sinking Fly Line. And my old faithful AJ Thramer Hollow Built Bamboo Fly Rod. This place welcome me with some awesome non-stop action.

First peacock bass of the morning

The flash is too bright or the sky is too dark?

Gave this fly to CYK for despatch to somewhere in a foreign land.....???

A pattern from nowhere. I'll call it the New Zealand River Fly

This fly is hot

Look at those big eyes

This fish didn't put up a fight. By the look of the unproportionally big eyes, it has got to be a stunted specimen

Bending AJ Thramer

Peacock bass on Bamboo, Hardy Bougle

A fly I concocted during the few weeks of hibernation from fishing.

Hardy Bougle

MY new Hardy Bougle, new sinking fly line and my old faithful Hollow Built AJ Thramer. An awesome combination.

I think my thyroid is back. The photographs are getting the jerky blur

This peacock bass tangled itself in a twig and I was fooled into thinking it was the big peacock bass that had got the fly.

Still cannot free itself

All tangled up

This peacock bass swirled round the twig and char-bee-hoon the leader.

The twig that fooled me.

AJ Thramer Hollow Built and Hardy Bougle

Close up of the mid water fly

Another peacock bass

A small Peacock Bass

Close up of the fast sinking fly.

Breakfast with Uncle Wong and Kuan at this regular place.


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