Friday, March 24, 2006

Searching for the Elusive Sebaraus

Caught A Sebarau Look Alike at Rifle Range Trail
Alfie came back from Lisbon yesterday. He cannot fish. So we decided to go trekking instead. I was more eager to explore the forested area at Rifle Range Road for the Sebarau Breeding Spots.

Uncle Chui, Ah Wee, Alfie and I set off after lunch to start at the end of Rifle Range Road. The trail is cool but humid. We reached the “rapids” after a short walk. Then explore the little streams and found T-Barbs and other fishes. I tied a fly on a mono and threw it into the stream and this little fellow whacked it and got hooked. Looked like a baby Sebarau. But we were all not sure about its identity.

After posting the picture on Fly Fishing Singapore Forum, I've got the answer from Huns. The name of this fish is Two-Spotted Rasbora(Rasbora Elegans). Together with the T-Barbs, they are found in abundance in the shallow forest streams in the Nature Reserves in Singapore.

No Sebarau for me again. Not even a little one.
But it was fun trekking.

This stream is home to the many barbs and rasboras. It leads to a pond which had dried up.

My chiongsters

Our new hobby. Trekking the nature trails.

Never fish also kena warned already.

The trail at the end of Rifle Range Road.

Secluded forest. Cool and humid.

Like all places in Singapore, the government's presence is felt here too.

Some trekker’s luxury , others eye sore. Why rangers didn't book them?

Another government installation ahead?

Yes indeed.

With signs like this, some people still got lost.

Must close meh?

A little stream

Drain railingings. But where is the drain?

Railings near a stream or long kang.

Directional signs

Water pipes as a prominent topo landmark

Another little stream

Artificial rapids in a man made river

a view to the top

A Blue Bottle Butterfly. There were more than 20 of them.

My chiongsters are fleet footed.

If this river can flow, sebaraus will breed at the end of this river.


A very steep claim

Cement blocks

Approaches to the source of the river

The source

The source. An over flow pipe.

Upper Peirce Reservoir

Of course we didn't fish. Honest. Scouts Honour.

Very tempting to fish

But the scenery was so beautiful, we didn't want to ruin our trekking by getting book by a ranger.

Lots of fallen trees

An old, corroded lamp post.

The Singapore Government is Omni present in Singapore.

Oh okay. The need to warn off idiots who may stray into this place and get shot.

Topo signs?

How do you find your way here?

Back to where we came from

To s little stream with a bit of water flowing

The source of the little stream

From deep in the jungle

Looks a bit man made too

3 T-Barbs

Sebarau babies?

Caught one with a twig

Caught it with a New Zealand River Special size 20 fly

This little fellow was really aggressive

Caught another one. And Ah Wee shoot the "rod" for me.

Look at this beautiful fellow

The fly close up

There are a lot more here.

But I was more interested in the hut in the middle of the dry up pond

Another stream leading to the dry pond

Two structures as gates if wooden boards are place across it

Nice scenery too

Look like a temple or shrine

Could it be an old pump house

What is this line?

No fishing sign. So this place was once a pond or something.

How did it dry up?

Where did the water go?

No fishing. How to fish without water?

Maybe the valve technician over slept and the water run dry. Muahahahahahaha

This is a secret spot for Bamboos. Uncle Wong would like some of these. Straight and look like Kuan's Black Bamboo.

This place need to be gazzatted before Uncle Wong arrive.

Tall and straight

A sign to show that it is nobody's secret spot. Kekekekeke

Chiongsters meet

Somebody broke off the signages to prevent people from reaching their secret spots. Who.............?

Another sign

If you still can't get here, here is a prominent object. If you still don't know the secret spot, then.......

The apunehneh cleaner was sleeping up on the Jelutong Tower.

Aiya......... can see map or not?

Please observe these etiquettes

Hiking is fun. Fishing is .............


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