Sunday, March 26, 2006

Marble Goby Sashimi for Breakfast

Marble Goby Sashimi Breakfast at New Zealand River Restaurant
Uncle Wong, Kuan, Addy and I set out at the usual time to the usual secret spot. But Jimmy, Harvey and Eddie were already there ready for action.

It was a bit slow in the early dawn. Then the situation changed when the sun was just above the horizon. The water was filled with non-stop action as the peacock basses chased their prey. I couldn’t make out what it was. Uncle Wong said they were after shrimps. So I tied a transparent shrimp fly on the end of the tippet and wham! A good size Peacock Bass was hooked at the end of the line. It got away before I could land it for a photo.

Jimmy, Harvey and Eddie was landing Peacock Bass after Peacock Bass. Their hands must be really tired. I had the usual hits and landed another good size Peacock Bass for a photo shoot with my new Hardy Bougle Lightweight III fly reel and my old Jas Gordon Bamboo Rod. Jimmy rated it a #3 weight after testing it. Kuan said I could try a #2 weight if I aerialise more lines.

Uncle Wong went to the small shallow stream and caught a Marble Goby. Marble Gobies are rare catches on a fly. But as we all know, Uncle Wong had caught the most rare fish of them here in New Zealand River.
And to everybody's horror !!!!!
He ate the fish as Sashimi for breakfast.

Joking only lah.

Then again Wanton Mee at Ah Hoe’s place with Uncle Wong, Ady, Kuan, Jimmy, Harvey and Eddie.
Beautiful morning and fantastic fishing with great fishermen. I am indeed lucky to have so many friends to fish with me. Thank you guys.

Marble Goby(Oxyeleotris Marmorata) caught on Uncle Wong’s lethal fly.

So early and everybody is there.

The water is running today. Thanks to Mr. Valve Technician. Or Pumpman or whatever.

Rod left

Rod Centre

Rod right

My new Hardy Bougle Lightweight III and Jas Gordon Bamboo Rod.

My hand trembling after the fight. So the photo is a bit blur.

Beautiful close-up

Look at the fly in its throat.

Feeding frenzy in the water

Look at the water. The peacock basses are having a feeding frenzy.

Uncle Wong landing a fish.

Uncle Wong catch and release.

Jimmy got another peacock bass.

Jimmy was landing fish after fish.

Uncle Wong caught a rare find. A Marble Goby(Oxyeleotris Marmorata)

Closer look

Marble Goby caught with fly

The Uncle Wong Fly. Very lethal.

Uncle Wong with his prize catch.

Uncle Wong Caught and Ate… Marble Goby Sashimi at New Zealand River.

Jimmy testing out my Gas Gordon Bamboo Rod

Jimmy rated the Jas Gordon Bamboo Rod a #3 weight.

At 2:15 PM, Blogger En. Mohd Asri b. Mat Isa said...

I thought marble goby can only be found in South East Asia rivers/ lakes. What a new fact, that you fish it in New Zealand.... There are plenty of them here at my place Perlis, and the angler lovers also enjoy catching 'puyu' fish at paddy field or water cannal/rivers as well as Timah Tasoh lake...

At 2:17 AM, Blogger En. Mohd Asri b. Mat Isa said...

ops, now I realize,it is New Zealand River Restaurant, sorry sir...

At 12:27 PM, Blogger zafira said...

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Benih kami 3" - 7 sen, regular order leh nego lagi!!. 4 hari ke 14 hari di kolam tanah. 2" - 5 sen 017-2396413


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