Thursday, November 17, 2005

Weed Clearing Water Tractors

Weed Clearing at Lower Seletar Reservoir

Weed clearing water tractors were clearing the weeds at Yishun and the water was really muddy. Did a few cast with the new #3 weight Scientific Angler Stillwater sinking fly line. Nothing. Blank. Tan was there and was also discouraged by the brown muddy water. So we decided to move to Lower Peirce to try our luck.

Lower Peirce fishing ground was flooded by water from the afternoon downpour. Children and adults alike were enjoying the extra water.

Trees were uprooted and fell onto the footpath and the board walk. Hope nobody got hurt by them. The water at the board walk was at it highest. Only 6 inches separate the board walk from the water level. It was such a beautiful sight. A beautiful sunset lifted my spirit and ended the days fishing.

Lower Peirce Reservoir. Kids like floods and water.

A fallen tree blocked the entrance to the board walk.


Clearing weeds at Lower Seletar Reservoir


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