Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Zebra Tilapias are back at Lower Peirce Reservoir

Mother Nature always has its ways

The granite rocks that lined the legal section of the Fishing Ground at Lower Peirce Reservoir had always been the home for Flower Horns (Louhans) and the peacock bass fingerlings hiding from the tomans. I was testing a dry fly on a pair of brown gouramis when a dark shadow hit the fly. The hook set itself on the Black Hole #0 weight fly rod. Surprise surprise. A zebra tilapia. It has been a long time since zebra tilapias made this section of the reservoir their home.

On closer inspection and slowly teasing the hiding places with the dry fly, I could see more of them. The whole place is infested with these little zebra tilapias. I thought they were wiped out by the tomans and peacock basses. But they’re back. Very soon, I might be able to get one which is big enough to put up a good fight. How did they get back here? Nature alway find its way around isn't it.

I went on to experiment with a Size 16 Micro Crazy Charlie. Peacock Bass fingerlings hit it from all angles. Many got hook and landed. There were so many of them I lost count. The experiment was a success and the fly work pretty good too. I even managed to hook a good size Peacock Bass. The fight was real good on the #0 weight. But it managed to unhook itself and swam away while I was taking out my camera to shoot a picture of it in the water.

A Peacock Bass fingerling on a size 16 Micro Crazy Charlie.



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