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Norman Maclean

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Midge Rod With #3 SA Stlllwater Sinking Fly Line

Action at Lower Peirce Dam

I could not land 5 good size Peacock Basses yesterday because they all spitted the fly before I could get my camera out. I was also carrying an umbrella while doing roll casts at the dam. I don’t know how they do it. Once I relax the pressure on the fly rod, they spitted the fly and got away. Even before I could get the camera out. It was drizzling continuously yesterday.

Today, I was prepared for it and didn’t let up on the tension of the fly line. But 3 still managed to get away while I was getting my camera out.

So much for de-barbed hooks. But they are an important part of Catch & Release Sport Fishing in our reservoirs. The fish injury is minimised and Sport Fishing can be sustained on a longer term. The trade off for using de-barbed hooks is more fish hitting the fly. I'll take this exchange gladly.

Before I left the place, there was a Peacock Bass Party going. The Peacock Basses were playing on the surface and there were a great number of them. To late already and the sun had already set. Maybe tomorrow the Party will continue.

Shah trying out the action of the rod. The peacock bass got away when he passed the fly rod back to me..


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