Saturday, June 04, 2005

Jimmie Chiong Ranger In Singapore

Chionger From the United Kingdom
Jimmie "FCUK" of many Singapore Fishing Forums, chiong the rangers at Pandan Reservoir. He had a fruitful outing. We all caught some louhans and peacock basses. FCUK was really enjoying himself thoroughly here. Edward caught a good size peacock bass. But the Grand Champion is Ady. He caught a kok headed peacock bass weighing 4.5 pounds on the Boga grip. We took turns to pose for a picture with the magnificient fish.
As usual, I was the kaypoh one who like to help my buddies land their catch. I made a very big mistake when handling the leader. The Peacock Bass made a last attempt for freedom. It was a weak attempt, but it managed to break the leader. Luckily the fish was tired out, so I managed to palm it towards the rocks and attach the Boga Grip on it's lower lip.We all had a good time taking pictures with it. I was the most thick skinned fellow lah. Haven't caught any big fish for a very long time.

Ady caught this 4.5 pound Peacock Bass. A handsome male specimen with its organ in full display.

Jimmie pose with the big Peacock Bass

That's me. The most thick skin of them all.


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