Sunday, March 06, 2005

Lower Seletar Reservoir

Weapons ready for his spin-fly fishing YY casting himself. He insisted. Dad, stand clear. Let me do it myself. YY the swordsman Just missed a peacock bass Ady ready to cast Uncle Wong doing his jerky retrive. A skill he perfected to entice the peacock basses with lethal success. Another peacock bass fell for Uncle Wong I could only admire him. Give that man a Tiger. Hurry Billy. My hand tired........kekekekeke Ady trying his jerky retrives. Patience as he missed a peacock bass Bingo. A big peacock bass. Smiles all round.
Even for YY. He caught a smaller version.
And he was so proud because he casted the line himself and set the hook himself. Without my help because I was warned to stay clear after he hooked my leg with the Crazy Charlie. Look at the rod bend The smile alone is worth the year's joy for a proud father.


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