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Norman Maclean

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bandit At New Zealand River

Bandit At The New Zealand River
I WAS ROBBED! …….this morning at the New Zealand River. After a 2 months break, the first peacock bass I had caught jumped so hard that it jerked the lip grip out of my fingers and swam away with it, still hanging in its mouth. Man……… what a way to start my fishing season. But the fight it gave was fantastic.

Kenneth, Jimmy and Eddie were the early birds. Jimmy was the first to land a peacock bass.

Uncle Wong used his Pole Rod and caught a peacock bass. The fish broke the mono and escaped with the fly. I passed him my AJ Thramer for him to have some fun. Also to take some photos of his fishing skills so that we can all copy his style and catch more fishes.

Jimmy and Eddie join us for breakfast at Ah Hoe’s coffe stall.

My Canon Ixus 500 is in the workshop. These photos are taken with a Casio Exilim.

A happy Uncle Wong with his catch. Let the photos do the talking. Enjoy.

This Bandit swam away with my lip grip.

Uncle Wong Pole Rodding for the Peacock Basses

Uncle Wong with The AJ Thramer, going for a rise.

Got it!!!!!!

Rod left

Rod right

Rod down

Rod up

The jump

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