Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sebbie Bend the LeoRod

LeoRod Caught a Big Sebarau
Uncle Wong invited me to try out his LeoRod. After some busy weeks, I finally managed to get some time to ease my itch on the new LeoRod. (Mine will be serial number 003/2007) Uncle Wong as usual was catching all the fishes. I was fishing at the signboard when I heard a shout. Uncle Wong was holding the rod with two hand and the LeoRod bending double. Quickly took out my camera and took some shots before running over to help land the sebarau. Then the itchy fingers got the better of me again, and I have to take another picture before landing the big sebarau. That was probably how sebarau broke the tippet when I tried to land it. Should have used the Boga Grip.

LeoRod Bending, Uncle Wong smiling.

Elven Rod by Jeffrey Hatton the Gnome

This guys is a genius artist.
The rod is so carefully crafted I was afraid even to hold it.
How can you let something so beautiful be used as a fishing rod?
And fish it did.
The casting was relaxing and I could throw out 40 feet of line with 2 false casts.

LeoRod by Uncle Wong.
Garrison taper.
The first split bamboo made in Singapore.
Mine will be 2007-3.
PH beat me to the queue number 2007-2.
And I jumped queue to beat Adi.

At 10:38 PM, Blogger Christo said...

Interesting site.Nice bend in that rod Uncle Wong. Wish I was there too


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