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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fly Fishing Paradise - Singapore

Can Singapore be a Fly Fishing Paradise for the tourists around the World?

I say can.

But the Authorities won't agree.

Look at the size of the fish we had caught.

There are people spending thousands of dollars going to the Amazon to catch these temensis peacock basses. But right here in Singapore, we’re catching them every day. They can check into a comfortable hotel in the business district and be fishing in the morning after a 15-20 minutes car ride. The children can go to Sentosa Universal Studio to have their fun. The wives can go shopping in Orchard Road. The whole family can enjoy what they like during their stay in Singapore.

It is a one-stop holiday.

You name it, we have it.

Maybe one day the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the organisation that run the Singapore Zoo and the Bird Park, will realise that there is a potential to generate more tourist dollars with fly fishing in the reservoirs in Singapore. They already have the Amazon tour on the boats in Upper Seletar Reservoir. Maybe they can extend on that and put a few fly fishing boats and have a fishing guide bring the fly fishing tourists to catch these monster fishes.

Maybe the people who runs the Hippo & Duck Tours for tourists can convince the authorities to let them put in some boats in the Marina Reservoir too for fly fishing. Just imagine, you stay at the Marina Bay Sands. You wake up in the morning and walk over to the jetty and a boat with a fishing guide bring you fly fishing. In the afternoon, you go shopping with your wife and children. In the evening you can visit the casino and the children can go to Sentosa to visit Universal Studios.

Maybe one day when they really wake up and have fly fishing in the reservoirs, I can be a fly fishing guide and get to fish for free...................just maybe..............

Peter's 7.5 Pound Temensis Peacock Bass.

My 5.5 Pound Temensis Peacock Bass .

Peter's personal record, a 10 Pound Temensis Peacock Bass.


PETER said...

hi, i totally agree. The peacock bass and toman are species people form all over the world want to catch . our reservoirs have the best of both worlds- accessibility, scenery and some good fishing.

A Fly Fisherman said...


aboutflyfishing01 said...

All I can say is "wow", what a great catch you have there. Never expected Singapore to have this kind of tourist attraction too. I just would like to ask if the visitors have to spend a lot before they can go fishing in the area?


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