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Sunday, October 30, 2011

6.5 Pound Temensis on 8' 2" #4 Cris Carpenter Rod

Caught a few Peacock Basses with the 8' 2" #4 Weight Cris Carpenter rods.

The biggest was a 6.5 Pounder. The Temensis made several hard runs. The ZYZ fly reel was screaming again and again. My thumb got hit by the spinning fly reel handle and is still bruised and sore. Fingers got line burnt too.

The fly hook just hooked about 3 millimeters of the Temensis's upper lip.
The Cris Carpenter rod just bend gently and let the fish run without tearing the fly off the 3 millimeter of skin on lip. That is what I call remarkable. Even magical if you like.

Here are some photos.

6.5 Pound Temensis Peacock Bass with Cris Carpenter Rod

Me with the Temensis and the Cris Carpenter bamboo rod.

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