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Norman Maclean

Saturday, March 31, 2012

10 Pound Club - New Member Special Grade

On thursday, Alex caught an 11 pound Kalui, Giant Gourami (Osphronemus goramy).
The Chairman, Uncle Wong admitted him into the 10 Pound Club as our new member.
Alex will be a Special Grade member because 11 pound Kaluis are more difficult to catch.

11 Pound Kalui by Alex

10 Pound Club new standing:
Founder and Secretary-General : Peter Tay (Too many we lost count)
Chairman : Uncle Charlie Wong (10+ Pound) (No. 5)
President : Kuan CY (11.3 Pound) (No. 4)

Member No.1 : Billy Teo (11.5 Pound)
Member No.2 : Albert Loh (11.0 Pound)
Member No.3 : David Lee (11+ Pound)
Member No.6 : Alex (11 Pound Kalui) Special Grade Member


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