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Norman Maclean

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bamboo Rod - Billy - Built By Me

At last I can call this a rod that I build myself from a bamboo culm.
With a lot of assistance from my master, Uncle Wong.
My adviser Arthur Kuan.

Encouragement from my primary school teacher Ronald Tay and his brother Peter Tay, my fishing buddy.

Thank you all.

I can now wear this batch. 

Rod: Billy
Maker: Billy Teo
Length: 8' 3"
Line Weight: #3 weight
Sections: 2 Piece 1 Tip
Taper: Chapalang Taper
Action: Medium
Reel Seat: Dyed Buckeye
Hardware: Bright Nickel Silver
Locking System: Down Locking Sliding Band
Handle: Cork Reversed Half G-Wells
Ferrule: Step Down Nickel Silver
Guides: Original Snake Guides
Stripping Guide: 8mm Agate
Wraps: Red Silk


Jali said...

I have been following your blog since the start of my fly-fishing career in Singapore.

I have to say, its so wonderful how your experience in flyfishing has got you this far. You're the reason the started flyfishing too! And ive not look back since!

Got my rod of UK when a friend went for vacation. Cheap simple.

But i am looking forward to moving on.

any recommendations for a fellow angler with a budget?

A Fly Fisherman said...

You can email me what you are looking for sir.

See if CY, Uncle Wong and myself can help you.