Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fly Line Weight Colour Code

I had been trying to figure out how to mark the weight of the fly line on the line itself.
First I tried using a marker pen. Using dots and dashes, like Morse Code.
But the markings got really messy and ugly.

Now I am doing it with Shrink Tubes for electrical wires.

I had been using these markings for quite some time now.
They worked just fine, and it is really neat.
Easy to remember.

I have fly lines, weight from 00 weight to 5 weight.
But I had created the colour codes just in case I have the other weights.

You can do the markings at either end of the fly line.
Initially I did the markings at both ends of the fly lines.

The fishes keep biting at the the markings and I missed hookups.

Now I do the markings on the ends connected to the backing.

There are a brown and transparent colour shrink tubes.
I used the transparent ones to mark sinking lines.
No markings on the floating lines.

These shrink tube markings also serve another purpose.
They are used to cover the whippings on the braided loops we used as loop-to-loop connections.
Making the connection look better and neat and, maybe stronger.


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