Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Legal Fishing Grounds

Lower Peirce Reservoir
This is one of the few reservoirs where fisherman can fish legally in Singapore.
But ONLY at the legally designated and marked "Fishing Ground".

Entrance to Lower Peirce Reservoir
This is where I caught my first Peacock Bass on a fly rod.
Also the place where I caught the most Peacock Basses.
My favourite fishing ground.

This place is also where I met my fishing buddies and sifus who taught and shared information on the local conditions with me.
Uncle Wong, Big Brother Johnny, PH Chua, Uncle Chui, Victor, thank you all so much for sharing and helping me.
Also a big thank you to Tan Yik who help me catch my first Peacock Bass by casting my fly line for me to the pod which was out of the range of my miserable casting.

Most important of all is Alfred Wong who started the free lessons on fly casting at the Pasir Ris Park open field and Chin for the follow up casting lessons.
Henry and Michael Boey for the casting lessons at the open field opposite COHO and Yu Hock at Lower Peirce Reservoir.

Nick and Justin for continuing to coach me when the rest have given up on me.

Not forgeting a correspondence course from my sifu in UK.

Kranji Reservoir

A pictorial of Fishing Ground "A" at Kranji Reservoir.

Tomans, Giant Snakeheads are the main target.

Yabbies(fresh water lobsters) for children.

MacRitchie Reservoir

The "Fishing Ground" at MacRitchie Reservoir

Lampans, Tomans, Arowana, Kalui, Aruans, Earth Eaters .....................

Upper Seletar Reservoir, Mandai

Tomans on every cast at certain "Top Secret Pin-Point Spots".

Kaluis, Pacus, Tilapias, Zebra Tilapias, Red Tilapias, Catfishs.............................

Lower Seletar Reservoir, Yishun

Peacock Basses here are slightly bigger.

A gathering place for a lot of bait fishermen - Ah Laus.
Most tomans caught by them are sold at the nearby stir-fry hawker stall.

Huge Tomans, Aruan, Peacock Basses, Arapaimas, Gaint Carps, Belidas, Tilapias, Arowanas, Kaluis, Louhans........................

Ponggol Park Pond

Mostly small fishes and yabbies for children to have fun.

Peacock Basses, Carps, Tilapias, Louhans, Grass Carps, Catfish.............


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