Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Snakehead Family

Common Snakehead (Channa Striatus) or Aruan

Ikan Aruan or Common Snakehead is a native fish here in Singapore. It can be found almost everywhere in fresh water lakes, ponds, canals, and reservoirs. I can remember many years ago, in our kampong, we also had one in our well. Like the Toman it is an aggressive feeder. Mornings and evenings are the best time to catch this fish. An adult of 18 inches is considered a good size catch. The Chinese used this fish as a medicine to help wounds heal properly.

Aruan caught with a Mini Foam Popper

Surface flies like the mini poppers and gurglers are very productive. Aruans gather their fries together and bring them to the surface for air. The Mama Aruan can be caught when a big fly is casted into the pod of Aruan fries or juveniles surfacing of air.

Giant Snakehead(Channa Micropeltes) or Toman
Baby Toman on a #0 Weight is really fun

Tomans are introduced into Singapore waters. They are very aggressive and will eat almost anything given to them. They also ambush their prey especially those weaken by anglers and released. They feed throughout the day and can be caught anytime. But the best time to catch them is in the mornings and evenings.

Large flies and poppers produce the best results. Flies that make a lot of wake throught the water and make a lot of noise are especially attractive.

Toman pairs are most vulnerable when they are protecting their young. They can easily be seen bringing the young tomans to the surface for air. Cast a fly into the commotion and a curious young toman will take a bite at it. Try bigger flies if you want to catch the big Mama and Papa.


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