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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Midge Rod Rebuilt By Billy

Bamboo Midge Rod Rebuilt by Billy Charmed the Peacocks at Lower Peirce

Caught a breeding peacock bass just before rain started to fall. Took a few quick photographs and ran for shelter. Rain showers pattered the waters while I took shelter from the lightning and waited out the rain. Managed to catch another breeder with brilliant vivid colours of orange and yellow. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Moved to the board walk to have a nostalgic stroll with the fly trailing in the waters. It’s been a long time since I’d been here to fish. A wee little peacock bass hooked itself on the fly while I stopped to take some photographs. Just a little bit longer than the fly reel. Peacock Basses in Lower Peirce breed all year round. But this is the month when they breed in huge numbers. Looking at the swarming fingerlings all over the place, these fishes are keeping their breeding schedule. Fishing session at Lower Peirce starts today for me.

A palm size peacock bass ended my final catch of the day with a spectacular display of acrobatics and ferocious attacks on the fly. At the peninsular of Lower Peirce, I tested the rod to see how far it can throw a Scientific Angler #3 weight GPX line. Managed to get it about 35 feet without really trying hard.
Strip strip strip and the peacock bass whacked the fly. I was bringing it in when the hook came loose. But it whack the fly again instead of swimming away. I lifted the fly rod – missed it again. I did a quick roll cast and threw the fly back to it again. This time it hit it with such force that it went aerial. A fantastic beast of a fish. Only got it on the third try. Didn’t put up to much of a fight though. Must be tired out with those speedy attacks on the fly and aerial displays.

A wee little Peacock Bass.

Three misses on the fly before it got hooked.


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