Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Zhu Rod

Peacock Bass fight with a Zhu Rod

Last week, I acquired another bamboo fly rod from a close buddy. It is a Zhu Rod from China. It is a 6'6" #3 weight bamboo fly rod made from the original Tonkin Bamboo.

I put an extra coat of varnish on it for extra protection. Today, the extra coat of varnish on the Zhu Rod had dried and hardened properly. So it is testing time. Yes. You guess it right. Fantastic fights with the Peacock Basses, right down to the smaller palm size ones.

A closer look at the Zhu Rod named MacRitchie and the Peacock Bass.


At 12:28 PM, Blogger TaurenChieftain said...

The bowtech guardian is made totally different than any other bow that you will have ever shot. Not only does the bow have parallel limbs, but also in the middle it has a limb type roller, which Bowtech calls center pivot/riser technology. This allows the limb to bend and flex in the middle versus completely through the limb. The center-limb bracing point, distributes load evenly, eliminating the typical "diving board" effect.


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