Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bedok Reservoir Fishing Platform

Bedok Reservoir Fishing Platform

Went on a recce session and took some photographs of the beautiful blue sky. Nice change after so many days of continuous drizzle and occasional torrential rain.

Did not dare fish there at Bedok Reservoir until two kids told me that it was already opened. In fact all those fishing there said it was open. So took my Coho #3 fly rod and Tica reel and tried my luck. Only managed to catch some fingerlings. The weather is really hot today. So I guess the fishes are staying deeper than usual.

This little fellow was really hungry.

Beautiful hot day for fishing Blue sky and cumulus clouds
The fishing platform
Another view angle Mirror surface
Fishing Platform
Beautifully clean Only fingerlings here Another baby Darker colour Another Caught with a size 18 fly.


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