Thursday, December 01, 2005

Midge Rod Can Conquer

Big Peacock Bass from the President’s Pond - Weighing 3.5 Pounds

It has been a few weeks since I fished with Uncle Wong. Our usual fishing ground was constantly flooded these few days because of the torrential rain, we decided to detour to The White House. The last few days had been exceptionally productive for other fly fishermen who had frequently fished at this place. Peacock Basses caught were in excess of 1 kilogram.

I was lucky to land a big Peacock Bass which weighed a little over 3.5 pounds on the Boga Grip. A very helpful fly fisherman, Ahmad, helped me land the fish after watching me struggle with it. Thank you brother. Most of the time, I try to land fishes caught a bit more quickly because I spend more time taking photographs of my catches. The fly was just sticking to the Peacock Bass’s lip by only a “whisker”. This Peacock Bass had so much power it took line from my reel twice and it was still jumping when the photographs were being taken.

It is a huge female Peacock Bass which had deposited its eggs recently. The reproductive organ is in full display. Had the eggs not been deposited, it would have weighed a little more.

What a beautiful day and powerful fish to start my day with!

Ahmad helped me land the huge Peacock Bass and took this photograph for me.

Caught this 3.5 pound Peacock Bass with a Midge Rod I had rebuilt.

The first peacock bass for the day. Nice size peacock bass Beautiful morning for fly fishing Sun is rising over the horizon. Good bend from a ferocious peacock bass. Won't give up Landed Good size peacock bass Good size peacock bass with my Midge rod and Tica reel. #4 weight sinking line. Closer look at the peacock bass Two water tractors moored at the pontoon. Quiet morning. Beautiful Fish on A little bend from a palm size peacock bass Beautiful morning Discharge outlet from the upper reservoir Sun is already over the horizon and joggers were everywhere. Nice view from the discharge outlet It was still jumping when Ahmad took this photo for me. Phew................. Wow................... with my Midge rod. My hand was still shaking from the "fight". Ahmad helped me land this fellow with the Boga grip. Caught with my Midge rod and Tica reel. This peacock bass took line off the reel a few times. I was able to land it only with the help of a fellow fly fisherman, Ahmad. Big peacock bass with Boga grip A small fly caught a big fish Look how much the fly hook the peacock bass's lips. By a whiskers. The fly was just hanging by its lips. Only a tiny bit of it. Reproductive organ of the peacock bass The reproductive organ of the female peacock bass. She had already deposited her eggs. If not, she would have weigh another half kilogram more. A little over 3.5 pounds. 1.6 kilogrammes in the metric system. The big peacock bass before it swam off. This peacock bass was jumping so much that it "char-bee-hoon" my fly line all over the place.
Close up of the fly. After this peacock bass was released, I went for breakfast with Uncle Wong.


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