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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Testing The LeoRod Number 3

LeoRod Number 3 Passed The Test With Flying Colours
This is the Month of the Hungry Ghost. I don’t normally fish because my grandma had always warned us to leave the dead and ghostly alone to celebrate their month of freedom in peace, without any disturbance from the living. I had kept that tradition until today. Because, I could only fish every fortnight and I couldn’t wait to test my new LeoRod.

Uncle Wong had advised me that the rod would take a 4 weight line. So I brought along my Hardy Bougle fly reel spooled with a 4 weight Sage Double Quiet Taper fly line. I tied on a heavier fly to see if the casting could turn it over. On the third cast, a huge Peacock Bass hit the fly hard, but spitted the fly before I could recover my senses to strike. The other reason was I didn’t dare to put too much sudden jerks on the new bamboo rod in case it broke. The rod casted nicely but needed a bit more line from the 4 weight fly line. It turn over the size 10 fly nicely when I have 20 feet of line in the air. I caught a 900 gram Peacock Bass with it. The LeoRod lived up to its maker, Uncle Wong’s expectations and was bend to the butt. Ady had a go at cast the rod too. I fixed Uncle Wong’s Bill Ballan Classic Reel spooled with a 5 weight Scientific Angler GPX fly line to test the rod. It was beautiful to cast. The rod shoot off the 30 feet of fly line effortlessly.
We will bring the rods to Lower Peirce Reservoir to have another test this afternoon with PH.

This Peacock Bass Had A Solid Take.

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