Saturday, October 20, 2007

Broke My Tibia Plateau

Dislocated and broke my leg in a parents team football match.
My grandma would have said, "See!!! Why didn't you listen to me? Why are you so stubborn?"
Was in hospital for 3 days and the surgeon wanted to operate and put a screw on the broken part. Being an outdoor guy, I was quite reluctant to have a matel piece in my leg to attract lightning when fishing. So begged the consultant to let the bone heal in a cast. Of course the other reason was.... I'm a coward lah.

YY giving my numb toes a massage.
The knee was still swollen and this cast is only a half cast with a bandage.

This is a fibreglass cast to immobilise the broken part to help it heal. The pretty nurse put my leg on her breast and pushed to set or straighten the bone. She was a bit short, and the guy putting on the fibreglass was asking her to lift the leg higher. They ran out of one colour and so I have to be casted in two colours.

Next 7th month, I will listen to my grandma and observe the sacred month and leave the holiday makers to have fun themselves without being disturb.


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