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Norman Maclean

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Adi's Sebarau

Adi’s Sebarau
My mobile phone alarm screamed and my wife’s shadowless leg kicked me awake before the beeping woke up my youngest kid. Quite a cool day today and a light mist blanket the road towards the reservoir. The joggers and cyclists were already doing their usual Sunday routine when I manoeuvred the bus onto the grass verge near the entrance of our destination. Adi and Uncle Wong arrived too at the syncronised time. The valve technician had done his duty and the water was flowing at full force. The sound of the rushing water was like Kitaro’s music to a fly fisherman. The spider cameraman was early today. He had already set up his equipments and waiting to shoot the insects.

My first peacock bass was a small little fellow. I was just trying to use the pull of the water to straighten the fly line and this little bugger whacked the fly. Uncle Wong was trying for the sebaraus. Adi was at the “No Fishing” sign and the peacock basses were hitting his fly with a frenzy. Thick skin me pretended to take a few pictures of him with the fish and unsportingly squeezed into the small space between him and the tree and got my second peacock bass. Uncle Wong as usual was catching most of the fishes. The water was crystal clear today. “Clear as Gin”, Uncle Wong agreed. I could see every peacock bass that chased the fly. Even a huge soft shell turtle could be seen chasing its prey. Adi was thinking of turtle soap when he saw it too. A sebarau wickedly missed my fly and made my heart stop. But it was again not the time for me to catch a sebarau. I went further down stream to try my luck at Uncle Wong’s spot. Next thing I heard was Adi had caught a sebarau and the fly rod was bending as if it was going to break. Adi sportingly posed for a few photos for my blog before releasing the fish tenderly back into the Gin clear water. Thanks Adi. He always made my day by catching something special for my camera.

Adi with his Sebarau.

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azhass71 said...

salam, wah dah lama tak pekena ikan sebarau nih... good info bro