"Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it."
Norman Maclean

Sunday, April 13, 2008

River At Full Force

Ferocious Peacock Basses
Its been quite a while since I’d joined Uncle Wong, CY and Adi for a morning session at the River. CY was going to test his new rod from Argentina at the River. Some construction was going on and the entrance to the River was fenced up. We managed detour by the side of the construction area and reached the River.

The River was flowing at it strongest and the Peacock Basses were fast and ferocious. “It also want to gasak my fingers”, Adi said. We lost count on how many we caught. I was snapping away with my Canon camera every few seconds.

The 6 weight Marcello was a joy to cast. Shooting the Scientic Angler sinking flyline like rocket. No double haul needed and it land the fly line straight as an arrow. The art work is simply beautiful as all Marcello's rod are. It is little wonder that CY couldn't wait to test it out even though the varnish on the handle is still a wee bit tacky. Uncle Wong was enjoying the RL Winston with every Peacock Bass he caught. Adi, as usual, pose for a few photos for me to put on my blog. Thanks Adi.

Breakfast at Ah Hoe’s and Mee-kia dry on Uncle Wong.

Peacock Bass bending the RL Winston Boo.


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Thanks form the link Brandon.

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Unknown said...

sir. where is this place you are fishing? it looks beautiful. =D