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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yishun Bottle Tree Park

Yishun Bottle Tree Park
Got an SMS from Q. Fly fishing session at Bottle Tree Park. This was the place where Edward once operated the Kiddy Long Kang Fishing. Fishing ponds and restaurants and a garden where children can really be educated about the plants and trees.

We fished in some of the stocking or rearing ponds. I missed some big ones which sucked my dry fly and just torpedoed off. Broken tippets and flies lost. Very embarrassing indeed to lose big fishes just because, honestly, I haven’t really caught a real big one on a fly rod before, and didn’t have the experience or reflexes to even hook the biggie.

But never mind. I enjoy every minute there. The park is really beautiful. So you guy enjoy the photos of the trees and skeleton because I have no big fish to show off.

Albert with a good size tilapia.

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