Monday, October 27, 2008

Earth Eater with a Paul Young Bamboo

New Zealand River Again
After a long hiatus from this scenic place, I have finally found time to chuck some feathers at the Peacock Basses in the river. I took a slow drive and reached the river just when the sun had creeped above the tree tops. The valve technician had done his job and the river is at full force. CY was at the waterfall. “Morning Billy, Uncle just got a sebarau“. I kicked myself for not coming earlier. At least I can shoot some pictures of this spectacular fish for my blog.

I rigged up my LeoRod with the Hardy Bougle spooled with a Scientific Angler Sinking 4 weight line and took up position near Uncle Wong. After some casts without even a nibble, I walk over to where Adi was standing. “They had been quiet since Saturday” Adi said, referring to the Peacock Basses. CY caught a few Earth Eaters near the big tree with his new Paul Young rod. Uncle, must have missed his baby, took over my LeoRod while he passed CY’s Aroner for me to have a feel of the beautiful bamboo. Nothing bite. A school of Peacock Basses just swam pass the fly ignoring it altogether.

CY must have seen the disappointment in my face and passed his Paul Young to me. I stood at the spot he was fishing and after a few casts, caught an Earth Eater. Fishing with this bunch of bamboo crazy guys is a joy. They give up their spot for you. The let you use their rod and give you their secret fly. When you caught a fish, they enjoy your catch as much you do, and they make you feel like you are the only one who had caught a fish the whole morning.

Breakfast at Ang Mo Kio. Then off to Uncle Wong’s house to see his new arsenal.

CY caught a few Earth Eaters near the big tree.

Anybody want to guess what is inside this stainless steel container. Winner gets a ticket to ..................

Tonkin bamboo culm. 12 feet in length each. I had placed an order for a 1 piece 6 feet #3 weight rod with 2 tips. CY bettered the order by placing an order for a 1 piece 12 footer rod with 3 tips. Now let's see how Uncle can fulfil that order.

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nice fly fishing place :)

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Thank guys.

I had put your blogs in my links.




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