Sunday, December 26, 2010

8.5 Pound Temensis on John Brough Fairy

Went to the usual top secret spot this afternoon.
Blanked yesterday, on Christmas Day.
Caught an 8.5 pound temensis peacock bass. Patrick helped me land it. Got line burn on fingers, but didn’t let go this time.
I was asked how the rod was after the big fight with the monster temensis. The John Brough Fairy little #4 weight is still as straight as an arrow. The same as it was when I received it from Charles Vaden whom I bought the rod from in the Classic Flyrod Forum. After I received the Fairy from Charles, I like it so much I ordered another rod from John Brough direct.
See if you can estimate the length of this temensis?

Look at the hump.
Patrick took this picture for me. I think it is a much better picture.

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Nice Fish!!!

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