Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mandai Pond Waterfall All White Out

Mandai Pond Waterfall White With Force
After the afternoon showers, water was running everywhere, including the Mandai Pond Waterfall. The overflow on the road was also running at high speed. Could sweep away anyone who put their legs into the rushing water. A beautiful sight indeed.

But Uncle Chui has other things on his mind. He had tied a good number of shrimp flies and can’t wait to get them tested. He was setting up his fly rod as he made his way to the fishing spot we had chosen before hand. Even Tan couldn’t catch up with him and was left behind.

When I reached the spot after my usual dilly dally walk with my camera in my hand. Uncle Chui was already tying his new fly and ready for action. After two casts, he landed his first fish. A beautiful Red Tilapia. More Red Tilapias followed. Tan also caught his fair share of Red Tilapias after I gave him an Uncle Chui shrimp fly.

We made our way to the smaller ponds, but the water was too muddy to catch anything. After a few more tries at some Haruans, we made our way home. Uncle was already asking when we should return to try again.

Tan and Uncle Chui enjoying themselves with the Red Tilapias.

After the afternoon showers, water was running everywhere. The canal next to the entrance to Mandai Pond. The over flow on the road. Just look at the force of the water current. Dangerous to cross this crossing on foot. Full force. Uncle Chui can't wait to get his newly tied flies to the red tilapias. He was rigging his fly rod as he walked towards the fishing spot.
The waterfall is all white with running water.

White waterfall. Over flow from the big pond
Looking from the top of the waterfall Rushing water from the water fall Overflow Tan rigging his fly rod as Uncle Chui is tying on his fly Uncle Chui still tying on his fly
First fish fell to Uncle Chui's newly tied shrimp fly Two colours. Red and Orange. My turn to get one. With a yellow shrimp from Uncle Chui. Uncle Chui got another red tilapia
A full coloured red fish Tan also get his red tilapia Look at the super red colour of this fish Catch and released. Okay Catch and throw. No lah. He just caught another Red Tilapia. Tan got another red tilapia. I get a common tilapia My Gold Coloured Teton reel. Closer look at the reel. The source of the water for the main pond Fed from this pond. Water from the top of the hill. Another beautiful specimen.


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